World Champion Pole Dancer Marlo Fisken
photo: New York Times

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poleriders In The New York Times with MJ!!!

Here is the quote from the Times...Click on the picture for the link.

"On Thursday night, a crowd gathered in Union Square in Manhattan for a fond and spontaneous memorial to Michael Jackson. A few hundred onlookers formed a circle, leaving enough space in the middle for the grandstanders and the brave to dance like the King of Pop. Or try to...

...And inadvertently, that Union Square memorial demonstrated why. In the middle of the impromptu festivities, a pedicab cycled by with a platform attached to the back. Jutting from the platform: a silver, 10-foot stripper pole, on which a woman in lingerie was spinning, legs splayed, upside down, then right side up, then upside down again.

There were flashing lights and, inevitably, the name of a Web site stenciled on the side.

Half of the people in the Michael Jackson throng spotted the rolling spectacle and started pointing. A few dozen turned on their heels and joined this woman and her cycler in a slow, jaw-dropping and highly distracting procession down the street."

Here are the pictures of us rolling by Union Square as we played "Dirty Diana"...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pole Superstar Ride

Pole Superstar is putting on a pole dance competition in NYC October 1st at the Highline Ballroom to benefit SPIN Single Parents In Need. See their website for details and the promo video.
The client, Dianne Passage (center) showed up with an entire entourage including a stylist, assistant, photographer, bodyguard and two helpers to hand out rubber band bracelets with their logo. Yeah, she's a superstar.
This is just beautiful.
Construction workers on Hudson stopped working and watched the show while we paused at a red light.Not stopping for gas.
In front of Marquis.

The ambulance had its siren on and was on the way to an emergency but that didn't stop them from stopping to snap a few pictures.

I sense a kick heading in the direction of my head. This is becoming intuitive at this point but I did get clipped a couple of times.
She loved us!

Not Mr. Softee.

Armpit grip...Not easy.

Bike lane detour.
Julian from Revolution Rickshaws did a great job driving the photographer's pedicab and is available to follow PoleRiders as your personal pedal limo driver.

I'm laughing because the bikers behind us are popping wheelies and burning rubber. You can just make out Sean Robinson of Rickshaw USA on his bicycle behind the motorcycles. In October, Sean and Sean's dog Cooper will be embarking on a grand tour of the United States in an old school 3 speed rickshaw. Sean just showed up and was a huge help taking pictures, bringing water, managing the crowd, directing traffic and providing the Sham Wow for Marlo to towel off. (The Sham Wow has since mysteriously disappeared.)

Riding through the Meatpacking district. Cobblestones and Poleriding are not a good mix.
Peace, love and Poleriders

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mermaid Parade

Thirty miles round trip and well over 500 lbs.. It rained most of the time. Totally worth it thanks to a hot mermaid on wheels for helping me up the hills.

Stormy waves.Boarded by Elisa Hot Tamale, a Pirate from the Free Willie Nelson group.
Captain Jordana aboard the SS Polerider
Putting the finishing touches on the rope wrapped railing for the nautical look.
Amaris Sky painting the sail for the PoleRider Pirate ship to be launched on Saturday at...