World Champion Pole Dancer Marlo Fisken
photo: New York Times

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gay Pride PoleRide

We arrived on time and the parade started on time but waited close to three hours before we started marching. This is a huge event. Bigger than any other that we have done so far. We were invited to join the Reverend Billy group and were lined up with their wedding party on 52nd st.
Sean from Rickshaw USA showed up with his dog Cooper and some friends on a tandem.

Marlo beautifies this David Byrne bike rack in front of MOMA Finally we get under way but Sean has a mechanical problem at the beginning and we lose our group...
...but end up rolling with Dykes on Bike-Cycles. Thanks again to our new friends for letting us ride with you!

Marlo danced so hard she ripped through both of her boots stopping only to drink water change music and towel off with the Sham Wow.

When we got near the end of the parade the route narrowed at 8th st. and Christopher st. and the crowd was much wilder and cheering louder than before. One woman was crying for Marlo.


Pipsical said...

Brilliant guys... Such a brilliant idea and day - great piccies :D

caryl said...

you guys are beyond awesome~