World Champion Pole Dancer Marlo Fisken
photo: New York Times

Sunday, November 1, 2009

End of Season...

It has been an amazing first season and I would like to congratulate and thank all of the PoleRiders for a fantastic job and all of their help. In order of appearance they are:

Playjoy 2008 retired
Marlo 2008 current
Shaneequa 2008 would love to have her back
Nathalia 2008 would love to have her back
Gabriella 2008 would love to have her back
Ariel 2008 current
Jordana Rollerhoops 2009 PoleRider in training
Amaris Skye 2009 PoleRider in training
Barbara Dial 2009 special guest
Sarah Cretul 2009 special guest
Royal Buttercup 2009 current/visiting
Kat 2009 current
Brookelyn 2009 current
Christy 2009 current
Kyra 2009 honorary member, coming soon
Felix Cane 2009 honorary member, coming soon
Vivien May 2009 honorary member, coming soon

Special thanks to: Nina B., Lee Kuwahara, Jonathan of Design Rider, Diane Passage, Melody, Annie, Kay Penny for the sound advice, Kari, Sean Robinson, Sathya, Joe, Yvonne, Alex Price, Josh at Bern, Kyra, Free Willie Nelson and the The Hot Tamales, Ashleigh, Jordana, Steve Lawler, Adami Hardware, The Fabulous Ska Jenny, Felix Cane and Chris Moore, Rica, Jack Gaffney, Ken Stanek and NYC Bike Polo, Kim Mantis, Trackstar, Janet Bike Girl, Dykes on Bike Cylces, Mike Carbonaro, Everyone at Bicycle Renaissance, Pratt ID esp. Julia in the furniture shop, George Barris, Rat Rod Bikes, Hans Rey, Johnny Allen, Gregg, Rob and Julia, Cycles Maximus, Chris Long, Alexa Castle for the web design and logo, my legal team Doug Secular, Dave Rankin and Mark Taylor, Bobbie and Donna from the insurance co., The dancers who filled in at Dance Parade, Sierra, Nicolina, Rev. Billy, George the stage mom, Gloria, Julian, Aaron, Michael Green, Transportation Alternatives, Larisa Fuchs, Fluff, Kevin Braken, Santacon, Jeanne Flemming, Dick Zigun, and all of the other parade directors and marshalls, all of the bloggers, media people and photographers that covered us and an extra special thanks to my family all of my friends, all of our fans, New York City and the awesome NYPD. Sorry if I missed anyone, please let me know.

We will be back again next year for the Five Borough Bike Tour, Sunday may 2, 2010 See you then!

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great photos

Good to see how busy you are!!