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Monday, May 3, 2010

5 Borough Bike Tour '10

Ariel warming up for the PoleRiders 3rd season opening ride in the 5 Borough Bike Tour.

When I first met Ariel she told me she was very bikable...

When the little foot is on the 8 and the big foot is on the 1 it must be time to start the ride!

I took the first shift and made it to around Radio City when my knee started bothering me. It's doing better, thanks for asking.

So effing cute!

Matt Godina took the second shift in the saddle.

I Love this shot in front of Radio City! I entered it in the 5 Boro photo contest.

Cruising through Central Park...

...and into Harlem

PoleRiding on the FDR. Ben took the last shift.

PoleRiding on the FDR was amazing. The looks on the faces of the people stuck in traffic on the Northbound side was priceless!

Once we got to the Queensboro bridge we were at the back of the pack. With no one to dance for through the remaining boroughs and with the sweeper car egging us along, we decided to call it a day and go to the park.
Ariel lost a big patch of skin on her foot but that didn't stop her! After numerous expenses for signage, backup riders and entry fees we raised close to $500.00 for SPIN, Single Parents in Need. The donations will go to the Single Parents Resource Center of New York as soon as y'all mail me those checks! Thanks to all of our sponsors and everyone who participated in the event: Ariel, Matt, Ben, Diane, Rosalie, Lindsey, Heidi, Fritz, Yvonne, Wendell, Chris (Nick-a-day) Long (even though you flaked out you still inspire us) Rahr Breweries, Pole Superstar/ SPIN, Bad Kitty, Weathergal, Fastsigns, Body & Pole and Bern Helmets.

Yay Team PoleRiders!!!

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