World Champion Pole Dancer Marlo Fisken
photo: New York Times

Saturday, May 8, 2010

PoleRiding with Pantera

Pantera couldn't wait to go PoleRiding!

Thursday night I met up with Pantera at the Intrepid. After shooting some pictures we rode along the Hudson River bike path for a while so she could get used to the motion.

Lian from Body and Pole was there taking pictures. See Lian and Kyra PoleRiding on Sunday.

After a few blocks on the path we turned east and hit the streets.

I can't really explain why but this was one of the best nights of my life. Everything was perfect and I felt like I was more a part of the whole dance rather than just the "chauffeur" Riding the PoleRider trike is always exhilarating. PoleRiding with Pantera was somehow surreal...

Nice shot by Ariel; great color!

We eventually ended up in Union Square where someone in the crowd threw a burrito at Pantera. Anyone with information that might lead to the capture of the Burrito Bandit should contact me immediately.

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