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Monday, May 24, 2010

NY Dance Parade With Diane Passage and Ariel

PoleRiders was honored to have the creator of Pole Superstar Diane Passage join the team for the 2010 NYC Dance Parade. Her 2009 Pole Superstar dance competition benefited S.P.I.N. (Single Parents In Need) and NYC’s Single Parent Resource Center. Check out her blog and her column in the Huffington Post and if you missed it last October, check out this clip from the Post with Ariel and PoleRiders at the competition.

Ariel also danced on Saturday and introduced her new concept in minimalist pole footwear. Remember folks you saw it here first. I think this is the most innovative use of vinyl electrical tape since Wendy O'Williams of the Plasmatics. If you recall, Ariel tore up her foot pretty well in the 5 Borough Bike Tour.

I love parades!

Diane was stunning as usual.

Defying gravity.

Thankfully the (always amazing) parade marshals had us lined up with the the Burners and the Hoopers this year. (We love you guys!) Last year before we moved, they thought we were Polka dancers and had us lined up in front of a Mormon marching band which I believe is the universal polar opposite to the Plasmatics.

Thanks for joining us Diane and please come back anytime. You were fabulous!

Ariel just texted me and said she had an "awesome time". She also said that she "loved dancing with the electrical tape on her feet" and it made her "feel like a pony". Stay tuned for our next surprise appearance...

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