World Champion Pole Dancer Marlo Fisken
photo: New York Times

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bicycle Film Festival Part 1

This is the first set of pictures. The Thursday ride began at Revolution Rickshaws . As the sun set we rode along the river bike path down to the Bicycle Film Festival's Joyride Bicycle Art Show.

We were greeted by a large crowd already hanging out outside and more people poured out to watch Kelly and Christianne dance.

All photos in the post are by Marina Galperina and first appeared in Animal New York

The cops showed up with their anti-riot sound cannons to break up the crowd and end all the fun. I'm not exactly sure why. They claimed that they had several noise complaints but my guess is the complaints began when they showed up. More on this story here: BikeBlogNYC. and more pictures coming in the second installment.

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