World Champion Pole Dancer Marlo Fisken
photo: New York Times

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gay Pride PoleRide With Dykes-On-Bike-Cycles

All photo's by Color and Light Photo unless noted otherwise.
We made all three papers on the same day! Thanks to the New York Times, the New York Post (not posted online) and The Daily News for the coverage!

Photo Piotr Redlinski for the New York Times!

Photo Helayne Seidman, NY Post

Photo Handschuh, Daily News

Photo by Reuters

Roland is our first male PoleRider making his debut at Gay Pride. Welcome to the team!

Gay Pride '10 stars on the pole (in alphabetical order) are Austin Lee Dylan, Kyra, Lian, Marlo and Roland. Kyra Lian and Roland are from Body & Pole. Special guest PoleRider Lee Dylan is also a pedicab driver and she pedaled the PoleRider trike along with me. We had pedicabs for the dancers "on deck" provided by Waterfront Bike Shop on Christopher Street. Thanks Christian from all of the dancers!

Austin Lee




One lucky paintbrush!

Lian demonstrating why Marlo needs two bras.

Lian and Marcello from Waterfront Bike Shop cruising in the side-by-side tandem trike.

PoleRiders gets rolling with Austin lee in the saddle... (you might want to flip that mirror around)

...and Marlo on the pole!

Quote from Amy H.K.: "Marlo looks like a sexy ass piece of watermelon and her rind is looking pretty juicy!"


Marlo with flag. (I thought this looked funny)

I am supervising.

Austin Lee Dylan takes the stage on 8th street. The crowd goes wild!

Austin Lee performing the one handed back handspring stage dismount for the first time! Remember folks you saw it here first and don't try this at home!

Kyra turned the trike into a sexy rolling flagpole!

Roland shows his moves!


Group shot at the end with Dykes-On-Bike-Cycles who invited us to join them in the parade! A huge thanks to Candice and DOB-C for letting us join them again this year. We all had a great time!

See Color and Light Photo for more pictures.

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Rickshaw USA said...


Great photos. Sexy line up. Good to see you in the Supervisor position, but always nice to see you in the saddle up front. Coming to NYC sometime in Sept. I would love to pedal for ya if there is any gigs going down.
Congrats on all the hype, your doing it right my friend!!

Take care