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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mermaid Parade 2010

Photo Prof. Jas. Mundie
Pirate Booty!

Photo by one of my favorite photographers Tod Seelie aka Sucka Pants

Brookelyn, Christianne and I did the Mermaid Parade on Saturday. I used a different route to get there and back which bypassed Park Slope. The hill on the trip home last year was really hard and the new route on 4th ave added a few miles but was totally worth it. The whole day was over 35 miles and the trike weighs at least 500 lbs without a dancer. After you finish up here, check out more fantastic shots of the parade at Color and Light Photography.

I cant't have the PoleRiders sporting ink with car wheels. Christianne is going to have to get that garbage removed and replaced with a proper PoleRider tattoo if she is gonna roll with us.

That's our trusted booty guard Shane following in the pirate hat. We got swarmed at the end of the Parade and were very glad to have him along even if he did beat up a few paparazzi.

We were # 306

The swarming happened a few minutes after this shot and we had to call in the cops to get us out before a fight broke out or someone got hurt. It could have been much worse. Thanks to the NYPD for crowd control minus the sound cannons this time! :)

Photo's by Color and Light Photography unless noted otherwise.

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